Our SMART Prefab and Modular Manufactured solutions allow you to

Build Better & Smarter

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Why Prefab and Modular?

Formation brings you the innovated and smart-tech approach to construction.

Other benefits include financial savings, eco-friendliness, improved safety, and simplified logistical planning.  Talk to the experts at Formation to find out more about our prefabricated and modular building solutions.

Smart Container and Modular Solution

Our prefab building modules and containers are highly versatile and ready-to-use.  Smart-tech components are imported from overseas and assembled in our Vancouver workshop before shipping directly to project sites.

Smart Fabrication:
From 3D Printing to Prefab

Our in-shop process allows for realization of designs directly from 3D CAD to scale models and to prefabricated building components.  And all ready to be integrated with our existing modules and structures, with the highest precision and efficiency.

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